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The Comet is a parable of love, loss, and growth, punctuated with striking images. Using the cosmos as a metaphor, author/artist Betsy A. Riley takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Selected illustrations available as framed prints.

Take a look inside The Comet:
After a time the comet reached one of 
the points of light and it was huge! 
It was a blazing ball of fire, 
surrounded by a glorious radiance.
It was so big that she could orbit it 
without contorting herself.

"Welcome," called the sun, 
"come closer so I can admire you." 
And it drew her in. 
Soon she was in a spinning dance, 
whirling round and round in its pull.

"Look at my comet," the sun called out, 
"How wonderful and powerful I must be, 
to hold such a creature."

The comet began to feel weak 
from all the spinning. 
She tried to slow down, 
but the sun's grip was too strong.
He drew her tighter and tighter.
And she saw that she was shrinking, 
loosing bits of herself, 
for the sun was consuming her. 
With a last desperate burst of energy,
the comet made her escape, 
breaking off her tail like a lizard.
She left the sun roaring in rage 
when it saw it had only a piece of her.
c. 4/16/11, Blue Dragon Press