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Check out our newest releases: The Cracked Turtle from Nancy Clark Townsend and Versify from Christine Hannon!


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Our eleventh release is Furred & Feathered Friends: The Cracked Turtle by Nancy Clark Townsend. This is book #3 in Nancy's animal rescue series. The cover is an original digital painting by Betsy A. Riley based on suggestions from Nancy.

The release is a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") with black and white glyphs at section breaks. It is suitable for readers from age nine (fourth grade) to adult.

Our tenth release is Versify, a poetry chapbook by Christine Hannon. The cover is an original that Christine painted on one of the bejeweled jackets that are her specialty. See her recent interview by Michael Brookes and article in Visual-Makeover. This is Christine's second book with us.

This release is a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") and also an ebook.

Mountain Musings cover 
Our ninth release is Mountain Musings by Jo Donaldson. This collection of poems and short stories is Jo's first book with us, although she also has a poem and two stories in That One Left Shoe. The works in this collection are inspired by Jo's years living on Backbone Mountain in Garrett County, and her love for the people and mountains of Western Maryland.

Our eighth release is A Hairdresser's Diary by Christine Hannon. Canadian hairdresser Chris tells a compelling story of her difficult, but inspiring life. This is Chris' first book and is part I of her memoir. Readers are eagerly awaiting part II.

BDP's involvement with this volume was limited to formatting the interior and cover. We are publisher of record only for the ebook version.

Junkyard Dogs cover 
Our seventh release is a sequel to Nancy's first book. Furred & Feathered Friends: Junkyard Dogs continues the adventures of the Katrina Castaways, introducing some new characters: Spike and Blacky, two pit bulls. Learn how Angus and the gang try to save these abused and starving dogs. This gives new meaning to animal rescue.

Released as a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") with black and white glyphs at section breaks. It is suitable for readers from age nine (fourth grade) to adult.

Cover of That One Left Shoe 
Our sixth release is the anthology That One Left Shoe. Authors were challenged to write to the theme "one left shoe" based on a poem provided by Betsy. Nancy has a story in this book that is an excerpt from an early version of The Witness wore Fur. Betsy has several stories and poems in the volume (including stories under her pen names Delfina Hex and Desdemona Pike), along with works by other members of the Eldersburg Critique group and the Carroll County chapter of the Maryland Writers' Association. Blue Dragon Press is donating the proceeds of sales to that organization.

The trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") is ~140 pages. It is heavily illustrated with custom photos and drawings.Front cover photo is by Debra Eloise and back cover photograph by Alisa Piotrowski.

The Witness wore Fur cover
Our fifth release is The Witness Wore Fur, a romantic suspense novel by Nancy Clark Townsend.

A scream rips through the night, startling Wendy Malcolm awake. Was the scream real or part of a nightmare? In daylight, she finds a dog with multiple stab wounds in her yard. When she calls the State Police, Senior Investigator Hank Durand responds, to the call and to Wendy's charms. The investigation leads them to two missing coeds and a group of psychopathic killers, one of whom is bent on revenge.

The trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") is 387 pages.

2001 Anthology cover
Our fourth release, Aspiring Writers 2011 Short Story Competition Winners Anthology is a collection of short stories selected as winners in a monthly contest on LinkedIn. Each month a challenge is issued, specifying a genre, a theme, and a highlight or focus. Contestants have two weeks to write a story of no more than 715 words that meets the challenge.

This book is available in several e-book formats through Smashwords, and as a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5"). It contains eleven stories and has monochrome illustrations.

Author Betsy A. Riley has three stories in this anthology.

Katrina Castaways cover
Our third release, Furred & Feathered Friends: Katrina Castaways by author Nancy Clark Townsend, is a heartwarming tale of animals abandoned during the flooding of Katrina, and their struggle to survive.

This book is available in e-book format for Nook and Kindle, and as a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5"). It is suitable for readers from age nine (fourth grade) to adult.

Several sequels are being developed to tell further adventures of the furred & feathered friends.

Street People Tales cover
Our second release, Street People Tales by Betsy A. Riley, is an uplifting volume of narrative poetry that shows homeless doesn't have to mean hopeless. Every person has a story and every person has a dream. Watch as this fictional group of people becomes a community, helping each other to survive.

This book is available as an e-book for Nook, Kindle, and as a trade paperback (5.5"x8.5") which includes black & white illustrations. It is suitable for readers from age nine (fourth grade) to adult.

cover of The Comet
Our first release, The Comet by Betsy A. Riley, is an illustrated fable. It uses a dreamlike journey through space to show a woman's journey through unhealthy relationships to a place of strength and peace.

It is the perfect gift for any woman who is going through, or recovering from the effects of a breakup or divorce, or any person dealing with loneliness. This inspirational booklet is in large print format, with full color illustrations. It is available as a trade paperback (5.5"x8.4") and as an ebook for the Nook Color. It is suitable for readers from age twelve (junior high) to adult.

Take a look inside. Selected images are available as framed prints.

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    A Hairdresser's Diary
    BDP's involvement with this memoir was limited to formatting the interior and cover files for publication. We are the publisher of record only for the ebook version.
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